Nursery time

Since nanny and papa’s visit, mom has been in full gear trying to get my room in order. After they put the stickers up on the wall, it took a while for mom to get dad on board with this–I think mostly because my room was once his “man cave.” Mom keeps asking dad to help out by moving things out, cleaning, or even just setting up the crib, but he keeps saying “what’s the rush?” I think he wants to keep it his space as long as he can!

Dad also thinks that a lot of his stuff can stay in the room after I arrive, but mom doesn’t want any of that. He even thought that it’s ok for him to keep his beer fridge in there! Mom definitely wasn’t happy with that answer and tried to move the fridge out of there by herself. The fridge is gone now, but I know that there is still some more stuff in there that needs to be moved out. I know this because just about every day mom is asking dad to move something…so far it hasn’t worked so well! Mom does say that she needs to give dad credit, though, since he did put my crib (I think that’s where I will sleep?) together almost all on his own.

Mom’s sisteIMG_0810[1]r–who I think is different than my fur-sister, since she doesn’t sound the same–is making me a special chair that mom can rock me in. I know that mom is really excited about it, and I can’t wait to see it and try it out!

I can’t wait to see what my room on the outside will look like. Since space is getting so tight in here, I’m hoping that it is a bit more spacious!

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