Nanny and papa

This past weekend, mom still didn’t get any time to rest, since we had some visitors–people that mom called my nanny and papa. I think that these people are actually mom’s mom and dad. I’m not sure how that works, it seems pretty strange to me that my mom has a mom. Does that mean that at one time my mom was inside of her mom? And that after she came out, she was able to have me inside her? How long has she been out? And when I’m out that long, does that mean that I will have a baby growing inside me, too? I have so much to learn!

When nanny and papa were here, the first thing they did was take mom to another Blue Jays game. Dad didn’t go with them, since he had “better things to do,” and mom said that the game was a belated Father’s Day gift to papa. I can’t believe that there is a day dedicated just to dads…I’ll have to find out when that is, so I can take my dad to a Blue Jays’ game, too!

Mom seems to be having a lot of fun lately, with all these games and visitors. Dad says that she better enjoy it while she can, since my arrival will change everything. But, I really can’t see how my arrival will change everything, since mom already carries me around everywhere she goes. Maybe dad means that things will change for me?

After the game, mom, nanny and papa came home and started getting our house and my room in order for my arrival. Together with dad, the four of them started by putting some stickers up on my wall. It seemed to take quite a long time, and mom says that I better enjoy it. But, in the end, I think that they were all happy with it. When I hear things like this going on, it makes me excited to come out and meet everyone and see everything!



Maxin’ and relaxin’

Today mom went for a massage and now she says that she feels like a million bucks. That seems like a weird thing to feel like to me…how can a person feel like money? Just another thing I hope to learn about on the outside!bowlingball_clip_art_15758

Because I’ve been growing so much lately, mom says that her growing belly has been putting a lot of stress on her back. In fact, she says it’s a lot like carrying a bowling ball on her belly. I’m not sure, but I don’t think that bowling balls and babies look the same. I’m pretty sure my mom is a smart lady, but sometimes I think that maybe she really doesn’t really know what she’s talking about!

During mom’s massage, I could tell that she was getting nice and relaxed. Although I like to move and kick when she’s being still–as a reminder that I’m still here–I stayed as quiet and calm as I could. I figure that this was the least I could do, since mom is taking such good care of me in here! And, also between the calming music and the gentle rocking back and forth, I think that I may have fallen asleep. I think that maybe mom did too, since I think I could hear her snoring!

After the massage, mom asked the masseuse to show her some things that dad can do at home to help with her back pain. I hope that dad can help mom out and do just as good of a job! Not only do I think that mom deserves it, but I like the way it feels too.

It may be dark, but there’s a lot going on…

I’ve been quite comfortably living inside of mom’s womb for 29 weeks now. Mom and dad keep talking about what’s going to happen when I come out, but I don’t know what that means, and I’m not sure I want to. I quite like it in here. Although it’s dark, I’m very comfortable, and I have more than enough room to move around. Right now one of my favourite things to do is dance…especially when mom is dancing too! She seems to really like what she calls her “90’s throwback dance tunes.” And although when I get too excited and dance too much, she complains a little bit, I think that she likes when I dance too…it’s a reminder that I’m still around.

Aside from dancing, mom seems to be a pretty busy lady. She always seems to be moving! But, I like when she moves–it always helps me sleep. This weekend, mom went for what she calls a run. Although I can’t quite figure out what she’s doing, because it feels different than dancing, I like the way it feels. Actually, every time she does this, I have a great nap! But, when she stops and I wake up, I’m sure to let her know that I’m awake and ready to dance! And the fun starts all over again!

Something else mom and dad like to do is something they call footy matches. A while IMG_0131after mom went for her run, she and dad went to a footy match–something they called TFC. It seems like a lot of fun, but it sure was noisy! The whole time they were there, mom and dad were singing, yelling and mom ate something called a poutine. It was delicious–maybe my favourite thing to eat yet! I wonder if I can let mom know that I want more of that. Something I’ll have to work on!

I’d really like to figure out what footy means, since dad insists that my dancing is actually kicking and that I am going to be a footy star. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see–maybe once I’m out, we’ll be able to figure it all out!