32 weeks just flew by!

The past week has been soooo busy that I haven’t’ had a chance to update everyone on what’s been going on in here. At 32 weeks, mom says that I am about the sikabocha_183666ze of a squash. I don’t know how mom feels about having a squash in her belly, but she did have an appointment this week so she could see me and see how I’ve been growing.

During the appointment, I knew that mom would be excited to see me, so I tried really hard to stay still! But, because mom was lying so still, it was hard for me to lie still, too. It made me just want to move and wiggle around. It took a while, but in the end, mom ended up getting a pretty good look at me from every angle. I hope she’s happy with what she sees so far!

Not only did mom get a chance to see me, but she also got to find out how well I’m growing–the doctor says that so far I’m four pounds eight ounces. Mom seemed surprised that I was that big already, but the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about. She might not be worried, but I am…space is really starting to get tight in here!