What’s that bright light?

Mom says that I’m 30 weeks old this week and that I’m the size of a large cabbage. Apparently, cabbage isn’t something very tasty, since after mom read that to me, she said “Really, a cabbage? That’s the best they could do? Why couldn’t it be something delicious like a melon?” And then she decided she needed a snack…and ate some melon. Cabbage might not be tasty, but honeydew melon sure is!

I know that 30 weeks sounds like a long time, but to me, it doesn’t seem like I have been around that long. Mom says that I only have 10 more weeks to go…but where am I going? Is she talking about when I come out? If 30 weeks has gone this fast, I think that 10 weeks is going to fly by! And it’s a good thing too, since it seems like space is getting a bit tighter. Hopefully I don’t get too much bigger, or I won’t be able to fit at all!

light_beamOne new thing I’ve noticed lately is that I can open my eyes and see what’s going on in here! While it’s still pretty dark, sometimes mom or dad will shine a light in here–and I can see it! I like to follow it around with a foot, elbow or hand to let mom know that I can see it. I sometimes wonder if I’m hurting her when I do that, but if I was, she would stop, right?

Since I can open my eyes now, I can see my hands and feet, fingers and toes. Not only do I like to wave them around in front of my face, but I also like to put them into my mouth. But for some reason, when I do, I can’t see them anymore! I’m not sure if this is something to be worried about, but I’m going to keep trying…I’m sure that if I try hard enough, I can do it!

Now, I can also finally see what else is in here with me. I always knew there was something, since I could feel it, but now I know that it’s a long cord. I’m not sure what it’s for, but I do like to hang on to it and I like the noise it makes when I swish it around. I wonder if anything else is going to join me in here before I come out?